August 19, 2017


Terry FleischmanAt Mid Columbia Brides we believe that marriage is sacred. Brides was created to honor the Bride and provide an elegant venue to help her enjoy the experience of planning her day.

We want to help you simplify the production so you can focus on the real purpose — a beautiful, respectful marriage.

Terry Fleischman, Founder and Director of Brides

– Terry Marie Fleischman, owner/director of Imbue, LLC. and Mid-Columbia Brides

About Terry and Imbue

Terry Marie Fleischman is passionate about enhancing self-esteem. An executive, educator and former model, Terry has over 30 years of runway, print and commercial modeling experience and degrees in child development, business and the behavioral sciences.

Terry has designed programs to help students embrace inner strength while enhancing outward appearance. Using current neuroscience research and Covey’s “Seven Habits” material, she helps others realize their talents and abilities, to become their personal best.

Terry can be reached at