December 13, 2018

Farewell to Brides

After nearly 20 years of providing a premier bridal exhibition event in the Mid Columbia region, we wish to inform you that it is time for the Brides team to end its production career.  As promised to participating exhibitors and sponsors, we will continue to host the wedding directory site through December 31, 2018, but there will no longer be a Brides exhibition and fashion show event as we have produced for the past 17 years.

Although deemed THE region’s annual successful social event for the bridal community, wedding industry partners and the Brides team itself, the changing behavioral and purchasing practices shaped by the online and social media culture have heavily impacted the once cherished personal relationships created in an exhibition environment.  Brides has always believed that the institution of marriage is sacred and hence, the Brides event was created to honor the couple and provide an elegant venue to help them enjoy the experience of planning their special day.  The event was designed to simplify the planning process, so the couple could focus on their real purpose – preparing for a lifelong marriage filled with respect and precious memories.

Brides was initially created to not only assist the regional wedding merchants with brand recognition  and the development of personal relationships with potential clients, but it was also the birthplace of the Wedding Directory – an online one-stop shopping site for regional industry experts that was created well in advance of its time, but now must graciously give way to the more powerful and sophisticated social media tools currently available.

In recent years, the Brides team has been monitoring the shift in purchasing and relationship-building practices of the bridal demographic and recognizes it is time to say good bye.  We are extremely grateful to have been a strong contributor to the community and the bridal industry for almost 20 years and are extremely proud of all that we have accomplished in these glorious years! Most importantly, we cherish and will miss the many close relationships we were able to foster through Brides and we could not be more thankful to those of you who have believed in our vision and have been loyal exhibitors, sponsors or staff!

Thank you for your years of support and dedicated participation! We wish you all great success as you continue to graciously serve the Mid Columbia Region’s robust bridal community!

With Tremendous Gratitude….

Terry Marie Fleischman